The oldest radon company in the Montgomery County area

  • Jim Dunn, founder – been in the Radon business since 1986.
  • Jourdan Dunn, Jamie Dunn, & Jacki Mertz – owners & operators of the family business.

Indoor Air Quality is our sole focus every day of the week

  • You won’t find us doing any other kind of work!

40 years of combined testing & mitigation experience

  • 4 On-staff  Licensed Radon Specialists
  • We have friendly, responsive office staff always available during business hours

Installed over 20,000 mitigation systems & never failed to reduce levels below 4.0pci/l

  • We use schedule 40 foam core PVC – quieter & more durable
  • We use AMG radon fans with built-in condensate by-pass

Our warranty is truly significant – we have proven longevity to stand behind it!

  • We have taken over maintaining thousands of systems from companies who went out of business giving a ‘lifetime warranty’